Friday, June 11, 2010

Recent Creations

Good evening folks,

It's just been one of those days!!

My heart and thoughts go out to my friend Cat at Catalina's Cottage

I do hope wee Phoebe is on the mend xx

I'd like to share a couple of my recent creations.

Autumn is definately one of my favourite times. The beautiful colours of the leaves, crinkling the leaves and having leaf fights, AWESOME!!

Summer - definately a time for bbq, hoola hooping, watermelon and good times with friends.

Dining with friends in Rotorua Those were some mean as beef ribs (slow cooked for about 5 hours in a marinade), to die for. Unfortunately I didn't order them, the rest of looked at them and had wished we did.

In case you can't read my tag - It says "ENJOY" .... and that we did.


Dee xxx

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