Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mixed day or sorts

My head is pounding!!

I have just been down to my middle child Jessica's school, and had all the secondary school headmasters giving their big sell of how good their school is "pick us, pick us" type scenario. I've left there feeling absolutely exhausted, picking a secondary school for your child is so very important, the next few months will be rather trying to say the least.

On a lighter note ....

I received my "Strawberry Swap" package from my lovely swap partner "Gill the Vintage Gardener".

Below are pics of my lovely goodies...

Thanks so much Gill, I'm glad you had as much fun as I did putting your package together xx

Unwrapped and layed out.

My label on the front of my parcel.

A wee card inside, strawberry sticker on my envelope.

A wee card, gorgeous squirrels (I better get my eyes checked I thinks!!) I mean mice carrying strawberries. LOL :)

Strawberry fairy paper

Two tiny strawberry fairies, great to go on cards, aren't they such wee darlings.

Strawberry fairy stickers, lovely gold.

Strawberry cupcake holders. Now I just need to make some strawberry cupcakes to go inside them!! :)

Strawberry ribbon & buttons.

Strawberry cushion, beautifully made. I don't know too much about sewing so I must ask what's inside, it smells lovely.

And also a handmade felt strawberry, but for some reason out of my control "Blogger" won't let me upload the pic, will try again later.


Dee xxx


  1. What lovely lovely goodies you received - I'm in love with the buttons and the ribbon and the pillow - maybe it could be a pin cushion?
    Pick Avondale Pick Avondale LOL - What are your options? Avondale, Greenbay or .. .. ..

  2. I guess it could be, but seeing I don't use pins it won't be ;)

    Avondale!! Ah not for this child :)
    I will be going to three open days - Green Bay, Kelston Girls, and Waitakere College.

    Green Bay has new Principal - Morag. I took Damon out just before she came to the school, they must have known it wasn't doing well. The role then was 600 odd, well it's now 1100, so that is positiveness!

    I do like Mark Shannahan, Principal of Waitakere, he used to be a HOD or possibly Deputy at Kelston Boys. He's really turned Waitakere around, it wasn't doing too good either.

    I'm a firm believer on Boys schools for high school, not sure about girls. Will do a bit of reading.

    Such a big decision, not to take lightly.

  3. Hi Dee
    It is lavender in the little hanging cushion. I hang mine on coathangers or on drawer knobs, which makes the room smell delicious!
    Gill - The Vintage Gardener