Sunday, March 13, 2011

Now don't fall over in shock!!

Hi ladies

Yes, this is two blog entries in one day, now I just couldn't help myself. Now don't think I'm addicted, I've just found another challenge that I can possibly enter.

My daughter Jess had two birthdays this weekend - Friday and Saturday sleepovers.
I made both cards for her, but unfortunately I forgot to photograph one of the cards.

I found two Kenny K images that suited her friends down to a T. The card I forgot to photograph was of the Kenny K image with the "beanie" - Jess's friend Sanaya lives in a beanie, so this was Sooo her. And the below card is of her other friend Esma - very much like her also. Was quite wrapped with the outcome...

This week's Kenny K challenge is of Lace, Ribbons and Bows. My card has a couple of "wee" bows ... not quite lace or ribbon .... stitching and embroidery cotton (close...). I do hope it's accepted, with my "wee" bows ... :)

I used my copics, sewing machine, Wild orchid flowers etc.

And a little closer ...

Anyway i should hit the sack, it's Sunday night, and I have a full on week ahead of me.




  1. AMAZING I do hope the receivers appreciate the work gone into them :) You're very talented and it's GREAT to see you back in blog land . . .

  2. Super cute & how I love them Kenny K images. You've chosen a cutie & have colored her wonderfully.
    Hugs, Janie

  3. What a gorgeous card, thanks so much for joining us at KKKGC......


  4. Hi Dee,
    Beautiful! I have an award for you. Come by my place and pick it up. Have a great day!

    My Journal

  5. Hi Dee - thanks for popping in at my blog, and for your kind words. Here's how I made my template:
    1. Trace around coffee mug to make a circle
    2. Fold the circle in half to make a semi-circle
    3. Draw a rectangle so the narrow side is the same length as the base of the semi-circle.
    4. Join the two shapes together to make something that kind of resembles a door hanger shape, LOL!!
    5. My finished dimensions were around 3"x8" but you can make it any size - just depends on the size of your coffee mug really :)
    6. I put the holes for the ribbon roughly in line with the base of the semi-circle - but again it will depend on the finished size and how thick your ribbon is

    Not terribly technical, but I hope this makes sense :) Thanks so much for asking. Have a fabulous day.

  6. How gorgeous your card is! Love this image ad your amazing coloring!
    Hugs, Iulia