Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not a Card ... Just a release ..

Well this week was really a mixed bag of treats!!!

Skeletons fell out of my closet on National TV :)

My son's biological father was on Missing Pieces. His half brother (who is 2 years older than him) was looking for his father. The show helped them reunite. We weren't notified, so it was a big shock to see him after 20 years !!!

Here's the link .... What was I thinking!! He's so old and haggardy... but that's what you get from a hard life womanising.... drugs.... night life ....

Here's a few pics of them all.

Similarities between the boys for sure :)

Damon - My son:

Reagan - his half brother who went in search for Grant (the sperm donor)

Shannon, Sarah, & Lucas - The eldest 3 of Grants (all with Julie aka Karen) .... Then there's Kim and Connor, they come after Damon, to two other woman.... He was a very busy man.. EEEEEKKKKKKKK!!

Well who thought after 20 years this would happen, but I guess what do you expect if you have a child so young with someone who is so footloose and fancy free. Da la ....

Anyway got that all of my chest... Time to move on and concentrate on my sick mother.




  1. **hugs** a highly emotional time for you I guess -
    When did Damon last see (if ever) Grant?
    Did Damon see it? How is he?

  2. hey if you are still on here. Grant is a lovely man, I have known him for a few years, know his past... But he is a gentle giant, very caring. It takes two to tango. What about him looking after the three of them on his own... thats not mentioned... anyway, I am a professional lady who has the upmost time for Mr Reid... shame about the past, but we all grow up at some stage... One should get to know the Grant now.

    1. Do you mean the three that have nothing to do with him. Can't have done such a good job then. How about Lucas coming home from school only to find his father had abandoned him. That's not too caring is it. Lucas has major abandonment and trust issues.

    2. BTW this was 6 years ago, why make a comment now. And how did you find my blog

  3. I thought you should know he truly is a great person to be with. Past is past we all grow up and turn into nice people, he truly has. One of the nicest guys I have ever known. I am a mum myself. I have the upmost respect, for this man.