Thursday, May 20, 2010

Waiting in the wings...

Well waiting in the wings for dinner on this cold, cold day is a really yummy roast chook.

We have a couple of broccolis ready for the picking out in the garden, will have to go out in the yukky rain and pick one :( , but well worth it!!

Currently I'm working on my 2007-2008 Album, but may have a wee break from that. I'm very excited about my next project.

Album of my 3 babies!!! My eldest (Damon is now 19), (Jessica is 12) and (Rosaleigh 10 1/2).

This is the album I have chosen, it's white with little booties embossed on the front, it looks gorgeous, photo doesn't do it justice.

Have ordered from the U.S. some absolutely gorgeous papers and embellishments.

Will be using this diecut and putting these little "babies" on the corner of each of my pages, so cute.

Speaking of babies, our rabbits are getting quite big now, they are so cuddly. This is how sister's should act, TAKE NOTE PLEASE JESS & ROSE!!!

And this ....


Dee xxx

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  1. ooohhhh cute!
    And where is my dinner? LOL
    Rain Rain Rain please don't complain! The tank is being fulled at long last