Sunday, August 29, 2010

Productive Weekend of Sorts

Evening all,

Been rather a busy weekend on the home front.

  • Shortbread made (check)
  • Lemon & Poppyseed muffins made (check)
  • Peach muffins made (check)
  • Food shopping (check)
  • Bathroom & Toilet cleaned (check)
  • Scrapbooked (4 pages) (check)
  • Vacuumed (check)
  • Washing (check)
  • Rabbits walked and hutch cleaned (check)
  • Watched a "tear jerking" DVD - "Dear John ... " (highly recommend)
Below are the pages I've accomplished.

Jess and Rose and a friends son Tom feeding the pidgeons at The Domain. Tom would hold out the bread and let the pidgeons land on his arm and eat from his hand. Jess & Rose weren't brave enough to do so, I don't blame them. EWWW!

Jess had a couple of friend stay over for Halloween in 2008. Sam (in the green witch's hat), Jess in the devil's outfit "being a devil" and rose in witch outfit with broom. They went "trick or treating" throughout the neibourhood and brought back lots of goodies.

Jess and Rose climbing a "Big" tree at The Domain.
And (below) hanging with Sam.

Rich was drenching the girls with buckets of water, wasn't quite summer. So was RATHER COLD!!!

Aw cute, love the look on Rose's face :)


Dee xxx


  1. What lovely pages the layouts are great, hugs Debbie x

  2. Great pages, sounds like you had a busy weekend - hope this one is more relaxing xx